Finally Revealed: The Best Age to Purchase a Long-Term Care Policy is…

The Best Age to Purchase a Long-Term Care Policy is… Before revealing the best age to purchase a long-term care insurance policy, I have a different question: Answer:  One month before you die. This way, you’d pay a small premium and then your...

NEVER* Combine Long-Term Care Insurance with Life Insurance (Part 1)

3 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Want You To Buy A Single-Premium “Hybrid” Policy A “hybrid policy” is a life insurance policy that includes long-term care benefits. Most “hybrids” are sold as single-premium products. You don’t pay premiums once a month...

Home care inflation rate only 2.5%

Genworth, the largest long-term care insurance company, just released their 2017 cost of care survey. "Knowing the costs of different types of care - whether the care is provided at home or in a facility - can help you plan for these expenses. The 2017...

Here’s The Trick to Making Long-Term Care Insurance Claims Easy

There are FIVE reasons that make long-term care insurance claims hard to file. Fortunately, there’s one trick which I have personally used to make the long-term care insurance claims process super easy. Here are the FIVE things that make it hard:...

The REAL Reason Long-Term Care Insurance Sales are Dropping

The number of long-term care insurance policies has increased from 4.5 million in the year 2000 to over 7.1 million today. However, sales of new policies have declined 14 of the last 15 years. Last year only 90,000 new long-term care insurance policies were purchased....

How To Get Long-Term Care At Home Without Busting The Bank

By Judith Graham  | July 27, 2017 for Kaiser Health News The vast majority of older adults receive long-term care at home, not in nursing homes. But few people plan for this expense. Nor do they see long-term care insurance as a viable option —...

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Scott and Carolyn supplied us with all of the information and answered all of our questions very professionally. There was no pressure during the process.

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He didn’t try to sell me one policy or another but rather helped me explore several options that might be suited to me. And he answered a plethora of questions.

Richard & Gloria


Although I am on the East coast and Scott is on the West coast my research led me to his company. He matched me with a policy perfectly suited for my needs.



Scott certainly knows his products. He gave me a less expensive policy with better coverage than what I had already committed to with another company.

John & Becky


Scott knows the business. He knew more about insurance plans and insurance plans in Indiana than an Indiana broker I was checking out.

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Scott never applied high pressure salesmanship pushing a particular policy, but rather offered advice and solutions to help me make an informed decision.



The most valuable thing about Scott is that he is an independent agent. He works for the client: for you and for me and not for the insurance company.

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We had numerous questions about different things as we read through the information and Scott always answered them thoroughly and to our understanding.

Kathy & Ken


Why Are So Few Companies Selling Long Term Care Insurance?

In his article, "Should I Buy Long Term Care Insurance", Richard Eisenberg, Money Editor for PBS-owned wrote: “Insurance companies keep dropping out of this market….’a decade ago, there were more than one hundred insurance companies writing private...

Yugo Failed! Long Term Care Insurance Must Be Dead Now

Some of our readers have expressed disbelief that Penn Treaty used IADL's to trigger benefits of a long term care policy, rather than ADL's (the industry standard).  Here is a sample policy.  Page 29 of the document defines the six IADL's.  Page 30 of the document...

New Long Term Care Insurance Companies Bring Number of Active Sellers to 13

With more long term care insurance companies coming into the market, there are now 13 different long term care insurance companies actively selling new policies in most states. National Guardian Life is the newest entrant to the long-term care insurance market....

The REAL Reason John Hancock is Discontinuing Sales of New Long Term Care Insurance Policies

John Hancock has sold over 1.2 million long-term care insurance policies.  Most of those policies were sold between 2002 and 2012. During that 10-year span John Hancock offered some of the best long-term care insurance policies on the market.  We have hundreds of...

Some attorneys understand long term care insurance, others don’t.

Most elder law attorneys understand long term care insurance and the advantages it gives their clients who are healthy and want to plan ahead.  One of the leading advocates for long term care insurance is a founding member of the National Academy of Elder Law...

Long Term Care Insurance Choices Expand for Consumers

Today marks the end of the 2016 open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act.  The number of insurance companies offering medical insurance has fallen. While choices for medical insurance are decreasing, long term care insurance choices have expanded for consumers....


I was reading an online “newspaper” the other day.  There was an article about long term care insurance and the importance of planning for the financial consequences of needing long term care. I like to read the comments at the end of articles.  I often find the...

Bad Editorial on Long Term Care Insurance

The Des Moines Register recently wrote an editorial on long-term care insurance.  ("Long-term care policies have their risks", Sunday, September 21st, 2014) Everyone has a different opinion about long term care insurance.  But if the largest publisher in Iowa is going...

Long-Term Care Insurance and Taxes

Long-term care insurance responds: “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

For years "experts" have concluded that the long-term care insurance industry is dead.  Here are some of the headlines: “What’s killing the long-term care insurance industry?”  Aug. 2012 “Long-term care insurance begins to fade away”--New York Times, Nov. 2010 "When a...