5 Tips for Choosing a Long-Term Care Insurance Agent

The National Law Review published a column that states unequivocally that, "An advisor experienced in long-term care is an important part of any advisory team."  (You can find a link to the article here.) So how do you choose that "experienced" long-term care...

Self-Insuring for Long-Term Care

Self-insuring for long-term care certainly has it's risks. But exactly how does it compare to affordable long-term care insurance? And which is better?Retirement A: Provides a great income and lifestyle while everything is going well... But if one spouse needs care,...

The Buttigieg Long-Term Care Plan

Today Democratic Presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, released his “Dignity and Security in Retirement” plan. The plan reveals new proposals to enhance retirement savings, but it also includes the Buttigieg long-term care plan. Although the Buttigieg long-term care...

Top 10 states for Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Increase Protections

Rate Increases.Rate Increases!Rate Increases!!Rate Increases!!!That’s all you see when you read about long-term care insurance on the internet. It’s true there have been a lot of rate increases on long-term care insurance policies. However, that’s only half the...

Prenuptial Agreement & Long-Term Care Planning

First things first: Pre-nuptial ("pre-nup") agreements do NOT protect a couple's separate assets from Medicaid long-term care spend-down requirements. Pre-nups (or post-nups) are ineffective for Medicaid asset protection because Medicaid ignores them. If...

What are the Types of Long-Term Care Policies Available Today?

There are four main types of long-term care policies that can help you prepare for long-term care. Which type is right for you? The answer to that question probably depends upon who you ask. If you’re talking to an insurance agent, they’ll probably say,...

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Direct, frank advice!

This book provides straight-talk about buying LTC insurance. Don’t assume that just because an agent or even your investment advisor says their new option is “best”, it’s likely not best for you. Scott’s book gives you the tools to ask the right questions to get the best coverage for you and your family. #1: Don’t be afraid to shop around! And never get pressured into buying something on your first call or appointment. Click HERE to read the review on Amazon!

William E. Comfort

March 22, 2018

The Best on LTC Coverage

This is the best book I’ve read to make an informed decision on ltc insurance. There are so many products out there and so many good and bad salesmen that this is a MUST READ book to have in your arsenal. It cuts to the chase and explains the need to know facts in making an informed decision. Its such important insurance and Scott explains that really anyone can afford it. I cared for my parents for 10 years and know that everybody needs to have ltc coverage. I’m so impressed with Scott’s advice that I have gifted this book to my financial planner, CPA and all our closest friends and family members.  Click HERE to read the review on Amazon!

Miz Picky

August 1, 2018

Clear, no-nonsense information that will greatly improve your understanding of Long Term Care Insurance options

An excellent read for anyone wanting to cut through the clutter of Long Term Care Insurance policy offerings. I had a decent understanding of LTCi policies but now have a much stronger knowledge after reading this book. I am now aware of considerations in policy selection that were not intuitively obvious before. I will re-read this book and use it as a reference when my wife and I purchase policies in the not too distant future.

This book is not a sales pitch by the author but honestly seeks to inform of the pros and cons of the options in the market today. Of course if you chose to contact him for quotes along with other providers I expect he would be pleased to compete for your business. Cheers. Click HERE to read the review on Amazon!

Silk McCue

April 11, 2018

Book is a “Must-Read” before buying any LTC policy

Scott’s book explains the world of long term care insurance in a very easy to understand manner. If you are thinking about buying a LTC policy, you must read Scott’s book first. You will gain an incredible amount of knowledge that you can apply when you start talking with LTC agents, reviewing LTC quotes, and ultimately, purchasing a LTC policy.  Click HERE to read the review on Amazon!

David Johnson

August 25, 2018

Book helpful; Scott is amazing!

I read this book and found it extremely helpful! I also spoke directly with Scott and he was amazingly helpful and knowledgeable. No, pushy salesmen. Just honest helpful information. I recommend this book and to reach-out to Scott afterward to discuss and find answers to your specific questions and situations. I am a real person!!
Houston, Texas 
Click HERE to read the review on Amazon!

A.W. (Verified Purchase)

December 7, 2018

A very practical guide.

This book is easy to read and understand. Illustrations are clear. I recommend it to anyone who is doing financial planning for themselves or their family members.  Click HERE to read the review on Amazon!

Sheri Richardson

June 21, 2018

Great book. Very informative.

Great book. It has a lot of information and facts about long term care insurance that I couldn’t find on the internet. The author seems very knowledgeable about the subject. The book gives clear and firm answers to questions other insurance agents normally would just say “it depends”, such as whether people should consider hybrid policies, etc. The book has one typo error and some paragraph has weird formatting though, but does not affect the quality of the content at all.  Click HERE to read the review on Amazon!

Sheryl Liu

May 20, 2018

Top 10 states for Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Increase Protections

Rate Increases.Rate Increases!Rate Increases!!Rate Increases!!!That’s all you see when you read about long-term care insurance on the internet. It’s true there have been a lot of rate increases on long-term care insurance policies. However, that’s only half the...

Medicare For All Is *NOTHING* Like Medicare

Medicare is one of the most popular programs the federal government has ever created. To capitalize on Medicare’s popularity, proponents of single-payer healthcare are calling their plans “Medicare For All”. The details of the “Medicare For All” plans,...

The State of Washington’s Long-Term Care Trust Act is “as good as it gets”

The State of Washington was recently considering legislation to help fund long-term care for some of the state’s residents. The program would be funded through a payroll tax of .49% on all wages. Every employee in the state of Washington will be...

Simple LTC Solution

How to Protect Your Life’s Savings with a Long-Term Care Partnership Program The insurance industry does not want you to read this book. This book gives you knowledge from an insider. This knowledge will empower you to take simple steps that can protect...

Reader Beware: Chicago Tribune publishes “half-right” article on LTC insurance

Chicago Tribune writer knows just enough about LTC insurance to be dangerous. The Chicago Tribune recently published an article by Elliot Raphaelson. It’s entitled, Long-term care insurance: Buyer beware, which is why I’ve entitled this post, “Reader...

Why Are So Few Companies Selling Long Term Care Insurance?

In his article, "Should I Buy Long Term Care Insurance", Richard Eisenberg, Money Editor for PBS-owned NextAvenue.org wrote: “Insurance companies keep dropping out of this market….’a decade ago, there were more than one hundred insurance companies writing private...

Yugo Failed! Long Term Care Insurance Must Be Dead Now

Between 1985 and 1992, over 140,000 Yugos were imported into the United States. The Yugo rarely met emission standards, had an unreliable electrical system, and continually broke down. The joke went: “Why does the Yugo come with a rear defroster?.....” “so your hands...

New Long Term Care Insurance Companies Bring Number of Active Sellers to 13

With more long term care insurance companies coming into the market, there are now 13 different long term care insurance companies actively selling new policies in most states. National Guardian Life is the newest entrant to the long-term care insurance market....

The REAL Reason John Hancock is Discontinuing Sales of New Long Term Care Insurance Policies

John Hancock has sold over 1.2 million long-term care insurance policies.  Most of those policies were sold between 2002 and 2012. During that 10-year span John Hancock offered some of the best long-term care insurance policies on the market.  We have hundreds of...

Some attorneys understand long term care insurance, others don’t.

Most elder law attorneys understand long term care insurance and the advantages it gives their clients who are healthy and want to plan ahead.  One of the leading advocates for long term care insurance is a founding member of the National Academy of Elder Law...