Scott Olson, CLTC

Scott Olson, CLTC


With over 20 years of experience in the long-term care insurance industry, Scott is a sought-after expert on long-term care insurance. He has been quoted in leading periodicals including:

Kiplinger’s and others.  For over 20 years, Scott has helped thousands of consumers, in 46 different states, obtain the long-term care coverage that was right for them.  Scott is an expert on the three main types of long-term care coverage:

  1. traditional long-term care insurance
  2. long-term care partnership policies
  3. “hybrid” policies

Scott was born and raised in New Jersey and attended Rutgers University on an academic scholarship.  He majored in Computer Science. He began his insurance career in the mid-eighties.  Scott then switched gears and spent four years of his life doing charitable work in a developing country.  In 1995 he re-entered the insurance industry with a focus on long-term care insurance.

At consumers can easily compare leading long-term care insurance policies (including hybrids) within their own personalized shopping portal. You can compare each companies financial ratings, premiums and policy benefits privately in your own secure portal.

As independent insurance agents, specializing in long-term care insurance, our focus is to help you get coverage that is right for you. Complete our contact form and we can get started.

We will shop and compare a variety of policies including traditional long-term care insurance, long-term care insurance partnership policies, and the new “hybrid policies”.  Our focus is to help you get the coverage you want, from a top insurance company, for the best possible premium.

Our Pledge to You

We will work with you at your pace.

We will answer all your questions using terms that make sense to you.  

We will help you compare several top policies (not just one or two). 

We will only recommend for you a policy that we would also recommend to our friends or relatives.

We’re easy to get a hold of. We answer our own phone. If you prefer email, that’s fine too. 

Over the past 20 years we’ve helped thousands of people just like you. You can read (and listen to) what they’ve said about working with us. Just click here or here.

– Scott Olson

What We Do

We help you obtain long-term care coverage that is right for you. We are experts in all types of long-term care coverage including: traditional policies, partnership programs, and the new “hybrid” policies. We’re independent insurance agents. We put you first, not the insurance companies. There are no fees or hidden costs for our services, so you’ve got nothing to lose by contacting us. Let’s get started.

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