This is John.  I’m a resident of Virginia.  I’ve just secured long-term care insurance from Scott.  It was a good experience.  I got Scott’s name and e-mail address off of the ‘net.  It’s been a good experience.

Scott certainly knows his products.  He actually gave me a less expensive policy with better coverage than what I had already committed to with another company.  So, he’s saving me money with better coverage.

Scott was very helpful.  He didn’t pressure, which I liked.  It was a good experience.  I would certainly suggest that anyone consider Scott as their broker for securing long-term care insurance.

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John & Becky

I’m Irby from Georgia.  Let me tell you about my experiences finding long-term care insurance and how Scott Olson helped me.  I retired last year at age 63 and knew that my wife and I needed to get long-term care insurance for possible future needs.

We discussed this with our local insurance agent with whom we have a number of insurance policies, IRA’s and annuities.  His is a very large and reputable company in the insurance industry.  Our agent put together some options for us to consider, but they were all very costly.  We knew that coverage at our age would not be cheap but we did not expect the coverage to be as expensive as he had quoted, even for the lower options.

So I decided to go online and see what cost alternatives I could find from another insurance provider.  I found a site which offered quotes from several companies for the same basic coverage.  I left our names and contact information on the site.  And within 15 minutes Scott Olson sent me an e-mail indicating that he would call me shortly, and he did.

We worked with Scott over a period of a few weeks and now we have a long-term care policy that we feel good about.  Scott was very helpful in finding the best company for us which provides the coverage we felt we needed at a reasonable price.

Matter of fact, Scott ultimately helped us get almost the same coverage we discussed with our local agent for half the price that we had been quoted locally.

Needless-to-say, we are happy.  Although Scott and I are on opposite sides of the country we found that Scott was a pleasure to work with, highly efficient and responsive and very dependable.  He did what he said he would do.

And best of all, it appears that Scott was working as much for us as for the companies he represents.

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Irby & Carol

I’m an attorney in Ohio.  I have an active Elder Law practice.  And my wife and I, Sue, had been discussing getting long-term care insurance in our personal life. I contacted several agents on the internet initially, to ask them about various quotes. Scott gave me the information in a timely manner.  It was much more thorough.  His packet of information was helpful.  I would recommend Scott. He is unbiased in his recommendations and his service was second-to-none.

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Tim & Sue

My name is John.  I live in Virginia with my wife.  I got long-term care insurance from Scott.  We got it on a recommendation from a friend of ours who had a very good experience with him. I was very pleased that Scott was mostly interested in what we were interested in.  He didn’t push one vendor or the another.  He was very helpful and knowledgeable. He didn’t push. We sat on this for six months.  We didn’t make it a priority.  We came back and did it.  We changed it around and he was very helpful. He was always there for us but never kinda “in your face”.

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John & Vicki

This is Chuck from Michigan.  As we began the process of finding a provider of long-term care insurance we spoke with local agents and also explored internet resources. As a long-term care specialist Scott Olson’s knowledge, efficiency, and professionalism stood out among the many agencies in the insurance field. Scott gave us advice and options that made sense for our particular circumstances, that suited our needs as well as our budget.

He guided us through the entire process and kept us advised at each step.  We’re very satisfied with the end result and would recommend Scott to others interested in long-term care insurance.

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Chuck & Nancy

My name is Ron.  I live in Indiana.  And my wife and I purchased long-term care insurance with Scott.  Working with Scott was a great experience.  He’s responsive and thorough.  Any question I had was quickly and completely answered in 24 hours or less.  This was a much different experience than working with other agents. Also, Scott knows the business.  He knew more about insurance plans and insurance plans in Indiana than an Indiana broker I was checking out. I highly recommend Scott for his professionalism, knowledge, service, and integrity; a great person with whom to do business.

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Ron & Frances

This is Verla and Jim from North Carolina.  Jim and I were recently married and needed to update our estate planning.  Since neither one of us had long-term care insurance, that was something we felt we needed.  Did I mention that I’m in my early 60’s and Jim is in his 70’s.  We first tried several local companies (agents) and we were very disappointed; by one, very high premiums and the other was lack of timely responses to our questions, and by timely I mean 2 or 3 weeks.

By web search, I found Scott Olson.  Immediately I felt a rapport with him.  He answered our questions very promptly; led us in the right direction, since he represents several companies; and even advised us that we did not need some options we thought we did.  In other words, the premium was actually less from the advice he gave us.

He stayed on top of the application process and continued to give us the benefit of his experience.  Since he is very knowledgeable he is able to explain the intricacies of the long-term care insurance to laypeople, like us.  Jim and I feel very fortunate that we found Scott and we thank him for making things so clear to us.  We feel a great comfort in getting this taken care of and know that Scott made much of it possible.

Verla & Jim

Thanks for your thoroughness throughout the process!  I really appreciate your willingness to answer my questions, your knowledge, and the timely manner in which both you and Carolyn communicated with me at every step.


I’d just like to share with you my experience we had with Scott Olson when my husband and I were shopping for long-term care insurance. Beginning with our first phone call to Scott his attitude was very business-like but he was never a high-pressure salesman like some of the other agents we had contacted.  He was truly interested in our needs and not just in making a sale.

For example, he researched plans for several different long-term care companies and then recommended the best one to fit our needs.  We had numerous questions about different things as we read through the information and Scott always answered them thoroughly and to our understanding.

We had a very pleasant experience working with Scott and would recommend him to anyone looking for long-term care insurance.

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Kathy & Ken

My name is Susan and I live in Texas.  And I just bought long-term care insurance, my husband and I did, through Scott.  We were not beginners.  We had investigated it some before.  What I want to indicate is the most valuable thing about Scott is that he is an independent agent.  He doesn’t represent a particular company or even 2 or 3 companies.

He’s not tied by the limitations or the possibilities of a company.  He works for, as a result, for the client: for you and for me and not for the insurance company.

He’s extremely knowledgeable.  He’s much more knowledgeable than anybody we’ve ever come across.  And he’s indefatigable about following up and investigating and answering whatever you want to know.  No question is too stupid.  And he’s tireless about quoting new possibilities whether you want to change the benefits or the premiums or the length of time or the amount per day or whatever you want to know about, if he doesn’t know it he’ll find it and he will just try to quote whatever you want to know without being annoyed and without growing weary.

And because he deals with so many companies he can compare policies and understands all the ‘ins and outs’ both of buying them and of filing claims when the time comes.  So his greatest advantage is being an independent agent, but he’s also very patient and he wants to get the right policy for each client whether that brings him a small or large commission or whether that takes him six months or a week to do it.

We can’t recommend him strongly enough.  I’ve had him send his book to friends of ours and we’re really satisfied with what we did and we’re satisfied that we know what we needed to know to make the decision.

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Susan & Gene

My name is Dave from the state of Washington.  I wanted to let you know I bought a policy from Scott due to his simple booklet that explained a very complex, confusing subject like long-term care insurance, in simple, straight-forward layman’s terms. Scott responded promptly and professionally to all my questions no matter how dumb they probably were.  Scott was much quicker to respond to any request or questions I had than any other agents that I contacted. Scott always gave options with simple explanations and suggestions when questions arose.

He never applied high-pressure salesmanship pushing a particular policy, but rather offered professional advice and solutions to (help me) make an informed decision on something as important as a long-term care policy.”

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My name is Bob and I live in Virginia.  My wife and I had been thinking about long-term care insurance for several years.  We finally decided it was time to stop thinking about it and act.  I researched long-term care insurance and listed the pros and cons.  The pros far outweighed the cons.  The hardest decision in the process was to decide which one of the many policies available we should select.

We needed help and we could not have found a better person than Scott Olson to provide this service. From the beginning up to when we decided which policy best fit our needs Scott provided very professional, but also very personal service. After talking with both of us several times, Scott recommended the policy we ended up selecting.  There was no way he was going to recommend a policy he did not believe was right for us.

He provided great service even though he did not know if we would select him as our agent because we were also receiving information from other agents. He kept in touch offering help and immediately responding to questions via telephone or email. However, there was never any pressure from Scott to make decisions before we were ready.  He even completed most of the forms for us and overnighted them to us to review and sign.

Scott is in California and we are in Virginia, but things worked so smoothly, it was just like his office was next door.  When it came time to select our agent, it was a no-brainer.

I highly recommend Scott Olson.  We found him to be honest and trustworthy and always available when we needed him.  We feel very lucky to have Scott as our long-term care insurance agent. Many times you have second thoughts on whether you did the right thing.  However, this is one time this did not occur.  We would use Scott again and I have recommended him to our family and friends.

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Bob & Beth

I am also from Virginia and did a ton of research about long-term care insurance because of what my late father and now my mother have been through (they did not have LTC insurance). I wanted to protect myself and my children should I become incapacitated either financially or mentally or both.

Although I am on the East coast and Scott is on the West coast my research led me to his company and services. I cannot impress enough how simple he made the application process, matched me with a policy perfectly suited for my needs, and how easy he is to work with. Absolutely no pressure and he answers any and all questions you may have in a timely manner.

Thank you so much, Scott and staff! I highly recommend his agency.


My name is Richard from California.  And I’m 59 years old.  So, at this age, I’m loaded with insurance, some of which I have never made a claim against.  So the thought of looking for yet another type of insurance and spending more money on insurance, as my revenue stream is about to decline, didn’t send me into the process with a very positive attitude.

I met Scott online.  He answered a question of mine about a policy that I was looking for, a type of long-term care that didn’t exist.  But, rather than just telling me that it didn’t exist, he offered to show me some options in long-term care that came close to what I was looking for.

The first thing after that was he sent me his book, the book that he had authored explaining long-term care, which I found made a complex subject relatively understandable.  It also was in a format and a font that didn’t make me glaze over while reading about insurance matters.

The second thing that impressed me about working with Scott was the communication.  Whether it was e-mail or telephone he never took more than an hour, that I can remember, to return a message or an e-mail.  And I found that extraordinary.

He didn’t try to sell me a policy or one policy or another.  But rather he sort of helped me explore several options that might be suited to me.  And he answered a plethora of questions and worked up quotes on several different scenarios.

I have nothing but good things to say about Scott and the process through which we have finally settled on a long-term care insurance policy.  And I happily recommend working with Scott to anyone who might be in the market.

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Richard & Gloria

My husband and I were very pleased when we came across Scott Olson when we were looking for and comparing LTC companies, prices, and packages regarding our Long-Term Care. Buying Long Term Care is something we knew we had to do for ourselves as we live out of state and away from the rest of our families. This gives us the peace of mind that we will both be taken care of no matter what the future might bring. That is worth a lot!

Scott and Carolyn supplied us with all of the information and answered all of our questions very professionally. There was no pressure during the process. We can also call or email anytime with questions and they respond.

Thank you, Scott and Carolyn, for taking such good care of us and guiding us through our application process!

Denis & Susan