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“He didn’t try to sell me one policy or another but rather helped me explore several options that might be suited to me.  And he answered a plethora of questions.”

My name is Richard from California.  And I’m 59 years old.  So, at this age, I’m loaded with insurance, some of which I have never made a claim against.  So the thought of looking for yet another type of insurance and spending more money on insurance, as my revenue stream is about to decline, didn’t send me into the process with a very positive attitude.

I met Scott online.  He answered a question of mine about a policy that I was looking for, a type of long-term care that didn’t exist.  But, rather than just telling me that it didn’t exist, he offered to show me some options in long-term care that came close to what I was looking for.

The first thing after that was he sent me his book, the book that he had authored explaining long term care, which I found made a complex subject relatively understandable.  It also was in a format and a font that didn’t make me glaze over while reading about insurance matters.

The second thing that impressed me about working with Scott was the communication.  Whether it was e-mail or telephone he never took more than an hour, that I can remember, to return a message or an e-mail.  And I found that extraordinary.

He didn’t try to sell me a policy or one policy or another.  But rather he sort of helped me explore several options that might be suited to me.  And he answered a plethora of questions and worked up quotes on several different scenarios.

I have nothing but good things to say about Scott and the process through which we have finally settled on a long-term care insurance policy.  And I happily recommend working with Scott to anyone who might be in the market.

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