Montana Long-Term Care Partnership Insurance Program

Montana long-term care partnership program state imageMontana has initiated a long-term care partnership insurance program allowing persons to protect some or all of their assets (depending on the plan purchased) if they need long-term care. The long-term care partnership insurance program helps Montanans pay for their long-term care without having to spend down their assets, as they would have to do if they relied totally on Medicaid to pay for their long-term care. By allowing Montanans to keep some or all of what they?ve worked hard to accumulate and by reducing Medicaid costs for the state, the partnership program provides benefits for everyone. State and federal laws also allow for deductions for qualified long-term care premiums when calculating annual income taxes.

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Effective Date
July 1, 2009
Does 1% Compound Qualify
Yes, for all ages.
Inflation Requirement issue age 60 and under
Compound annual inflation protection must be provided.
Inflation Requirement issue age 61 to 75
Some level of inflation protection must be provided.
Inflation Requirement issue age 76 or over
Inflation protection is optional.
What if Inflation Growth stops at age 76
It can qualify for the Partnership