Missouri Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

Missouri long-term care partnership program state imageMissouri’s Long-term Care Partnership Program is a partnership program between Medicaid and private long-term care insurers designed to encourage individuals to purchase private long-term care insurance. Missouri long-term care partnership policies are tax qualified (a portion of premiums paid may be claimed as a tax deduction) under federal law; provide policyholders with inflation protection; and most importantly, provide dollar-for-dollar asset protection in the event the policyholder needs to apply for long-term care Medicaid assistance. For every dollar that a Missouri long-term care partnership policy pays out in benefits, a dollar of assets can be protected from Medicaid spend-down requirements.

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Effective Date
February 8, 2006
Does 1% Compound Qualify
Yes, but only for issue age 61 or over.
Inflation Requirement issue age 60 and under
A company must offer 5 percent. If rejected by the consumer, a minimum of 3 percent or changes based on the consumer price index must apply.
Inflation Requirement issue age 61 to 75
Some level of inflation protection must apply. No minimum level is established.
Inflation Requirement issue age 76 or over
No inflation protection required for partnership policies.
What if Inflation Growth stops at age 76
It can qualify for the Partnership