Maryland Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

Maryland long-term care partnership program state imageThe Maryland Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program is an innovative partnership between Maryland and private insurance companies who issue long-term care insurance policies. A policy sold under the Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program, by law, must meet the same standards as a long-term care policy not sold under the program. In addition, a partnership policy must meet certain specific federal and state requirements, and be certified as a ?long-term care partnership policy? by the Commissioner of the MIA. Partnership policies provide an additional level of protection when compared to a regular long-term care insurance policy. In particular, such policies permit individuals to protect additional assets from spend-down requirements under Maryland?s Medicaid program if assistance under this program is ever needed and you qualify.

The asset eligibility and recovery provisions of the Medicaid program of Maryland are applied by disregarding an additional amount of assets equaling the amount of insurance benefits you have received from your Partnership Policy. For example, if you had received $200,000 of insurance benefits from your Partnership Policy at the time of application for Medicaid, you generally would be able to retain $200,000 of assets above and beyond the amount of assets normally permitted for Medicaid eligibility.

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Effective Date
January 1, 2009
Does 1% Compound Qualify
Yes, for all ages.
Inflation Requirement issue age 60 and under
Not sure.
Inflation Requirement issue age 61 to 75
Not sure.
Inflation Requirement issue age 76 or over
Not sure.
What if Inflation Growth stops at age 76
It can qualify for the Partnership