Kentucky Long Term Care Partnership Insurance Program

The Kentucky Long-Term Care Insurance Partnership Program is an agreement between state government and private insurance companies to assist consumers in planning for their long-term care (LTC) needs. The program was designed to increase awareness of issues related to long-term care, to create ways to reduce Medicaid costs for nursing home care, and to provide an incentive to consumers to purchase certain insurance policies in order to protect assets from Medicaid spend down requirements.

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Effective Date
June 5, 2009
Does 1% Compound Qualify
No. Only for issue age 76 or over.
Inflation Requirement issue age 60 and under
Automatic annual inflation increase at a rate not less than three (3) percent calculated on a compound basis
Inflation Requirement issue age 61 to 75
Not less than three (3) percent calculated on a simple basis
Inflation Requirement issue age 76 or over
Not required
What if Inflation Growth stops at age 76