Colorado Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

The Colorado Long-Term Care Partnership is a public/private arrangement between long-term care insurers, Colorado’s Medicaid program, the Division of Insurance, the Department of Human Services and the citizens of Colorado. It enables Colorado residents who purchase Long-Term Care Partnership insurance to have more of their assets protected if they later need the state Medicaid program to help pay for their long-term care. Colorado is using this approach to give its citizens greater control over how they finance their long-term care and to help shore up the public safety net against upcoming demographic pressures.

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Effective Date
January 1, 2008
Does 1% Compound Qualify
Yes, for all ages.
Inflation Requirement issue age 60 and under
Inflation Protection Compounded Annually or Inflation Protection Based on Changes in the Consumer Price Index
Inflation Requirement issue age 61 to 75
Some Level of Annual Compounded Inflation Protection or Simple Inflation Protection
Inflation Requirement issue age 76 or over
What if Inflation Growth stops at age 76
It can qualify for the Partnership