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Most things have improved over the past 20 years:  cell phones, computers, cars.  Did you know that long term care insurance has also improved. Here’s what the best long term care insurance policies have to offer today:

No premium increases. Ever.

Your premiums are guaranteed to never go up. You know exactly what your premium will be this year and every year. The policy clearly states, in writing, that your premiums are guaranteed level and can never be increased. That’s one reason we believe this is the best long term care insurance available today.

No limit on how long you can receive benefits.

No matter how long you need long-term care, this policy can never run out of long-term care benefits. Most long-term care policies pay benefits for 5 years (or less). This policy has no cap.  There is no time limit with this policy.  Since this policy can never run out of long-term care benefits we believe it is the best long term care insurance available today.

If you never need care, you don't lose all your premiums.

What if you never need care? With this policy there’s no risk of losing everything you paid in premiums. The “worst case” scenario is that you never need care and your heirs receive a big check when you pass away (income-tax free)!  In some cases this check amount may be even greater than the total amount of premiums you paid into the policy.

Up to $120,000 payable for each year you need care.

This policy is flexible and you choose how much you want it to pay for each month you need care. The policy can pay as much as $10,000 per month in benefits (up to $120,000 per year). As with any type of insurance, the higher the benefit you choose the higher your premium.

Premiums are NOT required to be paid for life.

With most long-term care policies you have to pay the premium every year for the rest of your life. With this policy you choose how long you want to pay premiums. You can pay your premiums for as short as 10 years or as long as 20 years or anywhere in between. When your premiums stop, your coverage doesn’t. Your policy is guaranteed to stay in-force for as long as you live.

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