What is the Pennsylvania Long Term Care Trust Act?

by | Sep 8, 2022

House bill HB2779 enacts the “Pennsylvania Long Term Care Trust Act” and establishes the Pennsylvania Long Term Care Trust Program.

As an insurance agent who specializes in long-term care insurance, I support the Pennsylvania Long Term Care Trust Act.

It will help to slow the growth of Medicaid.

1. By providing a year of modest benefits ($100 per day for 365 days) the Pennsylvania Long Term Care Trust Act will delay the need for Medicaid. By slowing the growth of Medicaid this bill can help preserve the limited Medicaid budget for those who need it the most.

This bill will increase the funds available to the home care industry.

2. In only three years the first Baby Boomers will turn 80. The long-term care “tsunami” will arrive. The Pennsylvania Long Term Care Trust will help grow the “care infrastructure” so that we have enough home care workers to meet the needs.

This program will remind every employee, every pay period, that we all need to plan for long term care.

3. Neither Medicare nor medical insurance covers long-term care. Everyone does NOT need long-term care insurance, but everyone DOES need a plan for long-term care.

Lastly, this program will not overlap with Pennsylvania's Long Term Care Partnership Program.

4. Those Pennsylvania residents who have assets, and plan ahead, can protect their assets through the Pennsylvaia Long-Term Care Partnership Program. The Partnership Program protects assets even if your long-term care insurance policy runs out of benefits. The Pennsylvania Long Term Care Trust Act will complement, not replace, Pennsylvania Long-Term Care Partnership Program.

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