Why 3 Top Long Term Care Insurance Companies Had Decreased Sales in 2015

by | Jan 22, 2016

Over 100,000 people purchased long term care insurance in 2015.  Seven of the top long term care insurance companies had an increase in sales in 2015.  Five of those seven companies had double-digit growth in sales.   One of the top long term care insurance companies had new sales growth of over 75%.

What’s most interesting, however, are the three companies that had a decrease in sales.  Those three companies were offering policies that were, in most cases, over-priced compared to the rest of the market.

What does this tell us?

Consumers now realize that the long-term care policy offered by their auto insurance company may not be the best choice for them.  Consumers now understand that the long-term care policy their financial advisor sells may not be the policy that is best for them.

As someone who has been helping consumers shop and compare the top long term care insurance companies for over 20 years, this is great news! Consumers now realize that the long-term care policy offered by their auto insurer may not be the best… Click To Tweet

One of the easiest ways to compare long term care policies is by working with an agent who specializes in long term care insurance.  Pick an agent that represents 8 to 10 of the top long term care insurance companies.  Don’t settle for just one or two quotes. Insist that the agent you work with share with you the rates & features of at least 8 of the top… Click To Tweet

Would you work with a realtor who showed you only two houses and said, “Those are your two choices.  Which one do you want?”  Wouldn’t you expect the realtor to show you a variety of homes in the area you want to live in?  The same is true for long term care insurance.  Work with an agent who will show you a full spectrum of the long term care insurance offerings and help you find a policy you are comfortable with and that suits your needs.