I’ve been wanting to say something like this for a long-time, but I could never quite find the right words.  I read them today in an article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.  Here is the quote verbatim from a colleague of mine:

“Mike Westling, a long-term-care insurance specialist in Richfield, Minn., has watched his father, who was in a serious car accident in 2004 and is in assisted living, spend about $4,000 a month on his care. “A long-term-care insurance policy is the best form of saying ‘I love you’ to your spouse and family, because removing the looming responsibility of day-to-day care-giving on the family is truly a gift and a blessing,” Westling said.”

Thanks, Mike, for reminding us all of the real reason for planning for our future long-term care.

Here is a link to the full article